Happy New Year b/w Suspension of Activity

January 3, 2010

Greetings all….

While composing the first posts of the New Year for my primary (Funky16Corners) and secondary (Iron Leg) blogs, it occurred to me that while I have read a number of books since the summer, I had failed to update Paperback Rider since before Labor Day.

When I started this blog it occurred to me – and I’m pretty sure I wrote it down in this space – that I might have been spreading my blogging abilities a little too thin, and it is at this late date that I must concur with the original diagnosis.

Aside from the fact that I have a very busy life, my reading habits/schedule (as it is) have not really fluctuated – in fact I’ve had a pretty steady run of books for the last six months or so – but my ability/willingness to sit down and write about them as they are completed has waned to the point of non-existence.

So – if anyone cares – I am suspending work (outright) on Paperback Rider until such time as I can make space in my schedule, and muster up the motivation, to bring it back to life.

Until then, I thank you for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you here again some time.



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